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We Provide Academic Training

  1. Do you have an interest in a STEAM career?

  2. Do you need a network of STEAM professionals?

  3. Do you need academic support to help reach your STEAM career? 

  4. Do you need research training to help reach your STEAM career?

  5. Do you need professional development to help reach your STEAM career?

  6. Do you need access to resources to help reach your STEAM career?


If you answered Yes to any of the above questions, you have found what you are looking for!  


  • Using a novel approach, we provide personalized training and professional guidance to more than 50 students who have gone on to successful STEAM careers. 

  • We are looking for more students who are focused, motivated, and determined to strive for excellence in their STEAM career.

  • If this sounds like you, please contact us for more details on exciting new projects we are designing that will expand the capabilities of the Ruffin NeuroLab to better service STEAM students.



GPA 3.0

Personal Statement

Official Transcript

3 Letters of Recommendation

We Provide Academic Course Support

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Lectures and Presentations

Peer Tutoring

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